Siepe acquires KeyMan Intelligence to standardize and automate the reporting of private company data for credit investment managers.
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Manage Your Credit Investments Simply, But Not Simplistically

KeyMan Intelligence reduces the cost and burden of managing private credit investments by automating the process of extraction, organization and delivery of facts from credit documents so your team can spend more time finding meaning in these facts.

First point Maintain interactive credit files for each investment
second-point-icon-active Create flexible credit file templates
third-point-icon-active Automated financial spreading for all periods
forth-point-icon-active Financials integrated into custom Excel interface
fifth-point-icon-active Store analyst commentary and relevant market data

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Automated Data

KeyMan Automated Data is the answer for organizations looking to turn their data into…


User Interface

The KeyMan user interface is the cornerstone of the KeyMan value proposition. Designed with…


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