KeyMan Intelligence

The preferred partner of innovative credit managers

Our team of credit experts extract, organize, and deliver the facts from any credit document so your team can spend more time finding meaning

Unlock the power of your data and streamline your business process, while improving your bottom line

If you're in the business of managing private bonds, syndicated or middle market loans, or direct loan origination, KeyMan Intelligence can help you do more of what you do best

As Easy As 1-2-3

Step 1 – No more wasting valuable time:

Simply upload credit documents of any type from your secure KeyMan client portal

Step 2 – Leave the dirty work to us:

KeyMan’s team of credit experts process your documents leveraging our proprietary algorithms to verify, validate, and harmonize the results

Step 3 – Results you can trust, in a fraction of the time:

Data direct to you, in formats designed for maximum flexibility, plus the confidence of one-click direct access to every source document

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Designed to Solve Real World Problems

  • Credit management fees are on the decline while operating costs continue to rise
  • Your credit team is your most valuable asset. Unfortunately, they spend far too many hours performing low-value tasks like data entry
  • Inefficient processes limit a credit team's capacity to monitor your portfolio and to discover new investment insights
  • Few credit managers are integrating a data solution into their credit process, leaving them ever more vulnerable to the risks of increasingly complex and data-centric markets

Finally, A Real Alternative to Business as Usual

There isn’t much that is standard about managing credit. Historically, adding assets under management required hiring more people. KeyMan Intelligence was born when a long time credit manager asked, “Why isn’t there a better way?”

Until now, frustrated managers have found little benefit from outsourcing or using ill-suited technologies. Any potential benefits are quickly outweighed by the headache of auditing the results. At last, you no longer need to compromise. KeyMan gives you fast, reliable data at lower cost.



Make Simple Things Simpler

KeyMan Intelligence is committed to providing our users the most efficient and user-friendly experience possible. At a minimum, you should expect a KeyMan partnership to deliver:

More Quality Time for Your Team

Using KeyMan means more time for your team to do what they do best: increased capacity and efficiency allows more time to focus on high value tasks and alpha generation

More Accurate and Reliable Data

Achieve a higher level of data accuracy and consistency across companies, industries and time periods

More Efficient Use of Your Resources

Experience direct cost savings through better use of your team’s time. In addition, benefit from previously unavailable analytics thanks to improved data quality

Why Work With KeyMan?

The market is full of technology alternatives. We started by looking at most of them. We quickly realized technology designed without a deep understanding of credit managers’ daily challenges offered marginal value.

We could not find anything that would meaningfully improve the credit management process, so KMI was born. Our mission is to offer credit managers access to today’s best technology designed specifically around how you do business.  We’re confident we can help you do more of what you do best.

We Deliver Results

Give us a try. We are certain you'll receive such a significant level of consistently reliable data, you'll be free to re-imagine how you manage credit

Innovation is Key to Success & Survival

There has never been more risk to taking a "wait and see" approach when planning for the future. Investors are increasingly seeking out managers they believe are prepared and positioned for long-term success. The cost of inaction is greater by the day

Technology is Evolving Rapidly

It's hard to keep up with the latest news in the world of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing, much less to understand how it impacts your business. KeyMan is in the weeds, thinking about how to translate the latest developments in a way that improves your business. We worry about technology so you don't have to, giving you the confidence to focus on growing your business

Lower Cost No Longer Requires Sacrificing Quality

KeyMan Intelligence represents the new paradigm in credit management, delivering clients both lower costs and higher quality

Redefine Business Success with the Help of KeyMan Intelligence

Designed to solve today’s challenges facing credit managers, KeyMan is the key to accessing technology essential to taking your business to the next level. We refused to accept that lower costs were possible only with lower quality results. As a result, KeyMan Intelligence represents a new paradigm, presenting a new dilemma:

How much longer can you afford the higher costs and lower data quality of business as usual?

  • Fast, accurate credit data - delivering "the facts"
  • Seamless integration with your existing systems
  • Let your best people do more of what they do best

3 Ways to See Every Set of Financials

You’re the expert. We give you multiple ways to view every borrower’s financials. We make sure the numbers are correct. You decide what they mean

Observed Labels

Observed shows you the statement exactly how it came off the financial document. KeyMan simply digitizes the original statement

Detail Labels

Detailed Labels normalize certain Observed Labels that change in name but not meaning between periods. The view is useful for comparing a company's statements across multiple reporting periods

Summary Labels

Summary Labels standardize subtotal and total values across companies, creating an "apples to apples" financial statement for an individual company and allowing you to easily compare it to other companies

The KeyMan Process

The credit market has been largely ignored by technological innovation.  No longer. KeyMan offers you access to some of the most advanced technology available today, harnessed specifically to fit the needs of your business. Take a peek under the hood

  • captureStep 1: Source document upload

    • KeyMan receives your financial documents
    • All current digital forms of your financial statements are processed:
      • PDF, XLS, PPT, TXT, XBRL
      • Original or Scanned
      • Password protected
  • Step 2: KeyMan communicates the state of your document

    • KeyMan believes that transparency is key to harboring trust and efficiency
    • From start to finish, you will be able to see the state of your documents in real time
      • Pending = U.S. based Credit Expert
      • WorkFusion = machine-learning process
      • Published = completed
      • Canceled = extraordinary circumstance*
  • Step 3: KeyMan reviews and sets machine-learning parameters

    • Machine-learning parameters automatically assigned and credit experts manager expectations
    • After initial parameters are assigned for a specific borrower, all future statements are processed automatically when received
  • Step 4: Document is sent through KeyMan’s machine-learning process

    • Segments document into balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement
    • Reads each statement using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software
    • Extracts line items for statements
    • Human validation of results; exceptions processed by data analyst
    • Machine-learning becomes “smarter” with each new input provided by analysts


  • Step 5: KeyMan provides credit expert with data accuracy check

    • Data analysts fact check the output of machine-learning to the original source document
    • Credit experts manage predefined except queues where machine-learning could not be applied
  • capture6Step 6: KeyMan Intelligence assigns standardized labels

    • Credit expert designs and assigns Detail and Summary labels, based on Observed labels reported by the company
    • For future periods, these labels are automatically assigned for each subsequent period
    • The purpose of labels is to create standardized views that enable comparability across companies, time periods and industries
  • capture7Step 7: Embedded math validations

    • KeyMan programmed validations provide a 5th and final layer of data validation in order to ensure accuracy
    • Math validation check to make sure the numbers within a statement and across other statements synchronize correctly
  • Step 8: Statement is finalized and published

    • The state of the document changes to published and result are now available for download via the KeyMan API
    • Each result is linked to original source document as report by borrower
    • KeyMan provides 3 different views for each statement: Observed, Detail and Summary
  • Step 9: KeyMan generates ulterior statements

    • Q4 generation – KeyMan uses Q1, Q2, Q3 and Annual audited statements to derived Q4 financials
    • LTM calculation – rolling 4 quarter LTM numbers are generated
    • Restated values – LTM calculations always use audited results where available
    • New results are linked to previous results and original source documents

The KeyMan Advantage

KeyMan Intelligence was designed specifically to handle the challenges of managing private loans, bonds, and other credit assets. In addition to a digital version of each borrower’s reporting, we take the next step of creating standardized reporting across companies and industries to allow for expanded portfolio analytics.

 We’ve replaced the concept of “Outsourcing” with the reality of “Innovation” 

It’s Time to Take Your Credit Business to the Next Level

Get ahead of the exponentially growing datasphere, cut your costs, and give your team more time to do what they do best

KeyMan Intelligence Client Pricing

Quarterly Financial Data starting at just $125.00 per Borrower includes:

• 3 ways to view each borrower’s financials – Observed, Detailed, and Standard

• Instant access to results via Front and Back Office System API integration

• KeyMan App secure client portal access

• Data specifically delivered to help satisfy regulatory reporting requirements (i.e. Solvency II)

• Easy access to all your historical data

• Interpolated Q4, restated, pro forma financials (if applicable)

• One-click access to digitized source documents

Request a No-Risk Free Trial

We’re confident you’ll see immediate value using KeyMan Intelligence, so why not take advantage of our no-risk free trial offer? The sooner we hear from you, the faster we get to work helping you transform your credit business.

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