Automated Data

KeyMan Automated Data is the answer for organizations looking to turn their data into an asset but unsure of where or how to begin. Our AI-power data extraction allows clients to significantly reduce time and resources spent collecting and organizing data, seamlessly integrating the lastest information into custom reporting templates and models.


Are you certain you are working with the most relevant, up to date information when making investment decisions? Utilizing the latest artificial intelligence along with our proprietary, credit-specific machine learning models, KeyMan extracts relevant credit data from any document type and delivers a digitized format – validated and structured to allow users to easily access and analyze issuer-specific details, as well as broader industry and market relationships.


KeyMan Automated Data provides standard and bespoke third-party data integrations, connecting you with all the relevant investment data in one place:

  • IHS Markit pricing and referential data
  • LevFin Insights for load market data
  • Internal systems
  • Any other third-party data (as required)