User Interface

The KeyMan user interface is the cornerstone of the KeyMan value proposition. Designed with the latest technology, the end result reflects our belief that users should be able to work with their data however they choose without needing to consult with their software vendor. Users can interact with their data in a flexible and familiar format, saving time and allowing teams to communicate and collaborate in real-time.

Out of the box, users can interact with disparate investment data pools based on each individual’s needs. How long it takes for a single, important new data point to travel to all the relevant uses across your organization? And are you sure it’s accurate when it finally finishes? Imagine the efficiencies if all new data were available across your entire organization as soon as a document is posted? KeyMan saves users time and improves their data quality by eliminating data silos and allowing teams to share timely analysis across the organization in a transparent way.

Integrated Spreadsheet Functionality

Spreadsheets directly connect to live data without the headaches of clunky and rigid Excel-based database templates allowing analysts to create company-specific reports and to work with all financial data in one, centralized location. Retain the power of Excel with a new level of transparency.

  • Share and comment directly in Spreadsheet
  • Easily build models around live KeyMan data
  • Define internal model variables globally on down to a single Company

Design Credit File

Credit file templates are easily created using a pre-defined credit concept drag and drop menu. Templates provide the ultimate user flexibility and can be used to work with data at the industry, analyst, team, company, or portfolio level. It’s your data. You should be able to use it however you like.